Dorset Cereals -

Breakfast Far From The Madding Crowd

Milk Pour in Slow-Motion

Director: Pete Lewtas   

DoP: Ed Rutherford

Production Company: Sandstorm

Lurpak - Weave Your Magic

First Time in the UK for the

Spike Arm from Marmalade in Germany.

Director: Scott Lyon

DoP: John Mathieson

Production Company: Outsider 

Cordorniu Cava

Corks popping in slow motion

Shot in high speed using the Phantom camera

National Accident Helpline

Happy Inside Ikea

Diesel Dogs

Production Company: White Lodge at Blink 

Directors: Joe Dixon & Tim Main

DoP: David Procter

Camera: Phantom Flex 

Strongbow Pear

Production Company: Crossroads Films

Director: Howard Greenhalgh

DoP: Andy Horner

Camera: Phantom Flex 


Production Company: Outsider

Director: Scott Lyon

DoP: Steve Chivers

Camera: Phantom Flex & Alexa

Think Seatbelts - Three Srikes