Phantom Flex AND Phantom Flex 4K Rate Card

Specialists in Phantom Flex Digital High Speed Camera hire

If you are looking to hire a Phantom Flex camera, please contact us at:

Green Door Films

Tel: Ross - 07931450836    Simon - 07885201404


Rates for our services are outlined below. For overseas quotation, please ask.



PHANTOM FLEX 4K  Maximum 128GB memory.  C/W sony Viewfinder, 2 x 2TB Cinemags and Cinestation, on board monitor, magliner, 17" HD SDI montitor, full camera control and fibre optic downlod staion.


PHANTOM FLEX 2.5K  12-bit CMOS Colour Digital High-Speed Video Camera 32GB Memory, smallHD on board monitor, control laptop, c/w Sony Viewfinder & 8.4" Panasonic Colour Monitor. 2 x 256GB CineMags c/w CineStatio


Panavision PV Lens Mount (for use 35mm Primo or Anamorphic Lenses)


RED CINE PL 50 - 150 2.8


RED CINE PL 17 - 50 F2.8





Sachtler 18P Speedlock tripod


Chrozial Follow Focus 19mm


Bright Tangerine Viv 5 5.6" Matte box


Off Road 4x4 Crew vehicle


Teradek Wireless SDI system


B&S Flicker Analyser


This meter is invaluable for testing and evaluating Square Wave HMI's, Xenon and other lamps to ensure they are flicker free




Phantom Flex Technician (10x hour day minimum, overtime extra at £59.40/hr until midnight)






Phantom Assistant (Phantom Flex 4K and 2.5 trained DIT)



Delivery/collection Charge


Equipment delivery/collection is made by Green Door Films (Within the M25). Other locations by negotiation.

Mileage charged at 60p/mile.


VAT extra at 20%


All rental equipment is supplied subject to our terms and conditions. Terms & Conditions must be signed off and returned to GreenDoorFilms on job confirmation.

Day Rental means Midnight to Midnight.

Insurance is the responsibility of the client, to cover all eventualities including total loss and to include travel to and from the location and also to include travel days.


For first time customers, a cheque for the full amount of equipment rental is required on or prior to delivery, unless we have worked with a production company for some length of time. Payment due within 30 days for account holders, no exceptions. We reserve the right to add 10% per month for late payment.

Green Door Films reserves the right to alter prices as deemed necessary.

Note: The Phantom Flex camera is a computer operated system. As with ALL computers, a system malfunction can happen at any time resulting in equipment failure or sudden data loss due to computer or hard disk failure. GreenDoorFilms and the assigned technicians will commit to recover lost data. However, we will not be held financially liable to all or part of the general production.

Prices are for UK shoots, for an overseas quotation please ask. We will take pencil bookings. Please keep in touch and book early to avoid disappointment.

Please send our technical information to the appropriate crew members such as the Director of Photography, the Gaffer and the Post Production Editor.

We will take pencil bookings. As we get many enquiries, please keep in touch and book early to avoid disappointment. If we don't hear from you we will take confirmed bookings from other clients.

For Phantom Flex camera hire please contact Ross - 07931450836 or Simon - 07885201404