The Team


Simon KIngSimon King      

Has an extensive knowledge of the visual image starting with a career in Photography as a music editorial photographer which has no lead him to work in the moving image world of High Speed Videography. After several years crewing the Phantom Hd Gold, Simon now works as  a Phantom Technician working on Hollywood feature films to Commercials and Pop Promos. Simon is a great communicator and team player and with his knowledgable experience this all goes to providing an easy shooting experience...  especially when sometimes you only get one chance to get that shot.



 Ross Pimlott IMG_2929aRoss Pimlott

Ross has been working in high speed since the release of the Phantom HD in 2004.  His experience has taken him worldwide, often working with some of the most prolific directors and cinematographers.  In 2010 Ross worked gained a credit as head camera technician, working on feature “The Impossible” starring with Ewan Mcgregor and Naomi Watts. 

Ross has extensive experience of providing high speed on commercials, features and dramas as well as consulting and working on high speed 3D projects.

Ross' goal is to make high speed a reality in extreme locations.  Ross has extensive experience of working with Phantom in all conditions from ski resorts to deserts and has relevant certification in a host of outdoor skills.


John Hadfield

John’s a graduate of Leeds College of Technology and London Regent Street Polytechnic, he joined

John -Hadfield

the Royal Aircraft Establishment, near Bedford, as a photographer working firstly on the Wind Tunnel site and then on the Experimental Airfield. He took an interest in the use of 35mm Vinten high-speed film cameras for recording aircraft catapult and arrester wire trials.

His next appointment was with a defence company, Hunting Engineering Ltd, based near Ampthill in Bedfordshire, where he worked on many military projects. He was responsible for the high-speed film cameras within the company's photographic department, sending 16mm high-speed film cameras out to ranges and test facilities all over the UK.

With his expertise in high-speed he then joined International IMC Ltd — based in Thame, Oxfordshire — as their Sales Manager for high-speed cameras and other photo-instrumentation products from both NAC Inc. and Photo-Sonics Inc.

In 1989 John, now semi-retired, founded GreenDoorFilms, using 16mm high speed cameras from Photo-Sonics and NAC. Later he used Super16 and 35mm high speed film cameras from Photo-Sonics and then introduced the media world to Phantom cameras.

At the 29th National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards, John was awarded an Emmy  in the category: Outstanding Individual Achievement in a Craft: Cinematography - "The Magic of Motion".